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Engineering work

Duet3D Configuration Help

We have been building and operating Duet3D controlled machines for years, and offer paid help outside the Duet3D forums. If you need a faster response time or prefer a more one on one approach for your Duet3D configuration issues, you are at the place. Head over to the contact page and drop us a message shortly describing your issue, and we can work out a time to meet.

Product design

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3D CAD Design

At Nxt-3D we have the tools and skills to produce high quality 3D models. Due to our extended experience with various 3D printing processed such as FDM and SLS, we can deliver optimized models for each technique. The majority of the models produced are destined for 3D printing, yet we do have a growing experience in designing models for conventional machining such as turning and milling.

CAD design can start from a variety of sources such as sketches, exiting models and drawings, or from scratch in combination with our engineering service.

If you have questions our would like a free quote, feel free to contact Nxt-3D.

3D Printing

At Nxt-3D we print designs for customers in-house on a large delta style machine. Due to the delta architecture the available build volume is cylindrical with a diameter of 400mm and a height of 700mm. If you are unsure whether your design will fit, contact us and we will gladly figure it out for you.

For most applications polylactic acid, a thermoplastic polyester know as PLA is the material of choice. It is a cost-effective yet quality material and is available in many colors. In general, we keep a sizeable stock black and white PLA and smaller amounts of dark blue, red and silver/grey. Over 200 RAL color are available on request and custom colors can be matched as well to fully suit your needs.
Speciality filaments such as flexible TPU, high temperature resistance plastic, nylon and many others can be stocked as needed. At Nxt-3D we do not print using ABS due to the health risks caused by toxic fumes.


CAD design/Engineering

per hour

The default rate for any CAD design and general engineering work.

3D printing

Quote based on printing time and filament used.

Duet3D configuration

per hour
Billed per started 30 minutes

Default rate for any Duet3D related work.
In support of the community at the Duet3D forums, we offer a reduced rate for hobbyists only.

* All advertised rates are excluding 21% VAT.